5 Things that Will Cripple Your E-Commerce Load Time

Over the years Google has brought about a number of changes that has improved how online services are provided. From basic metrics, algorithms, to simple changes, the website services have become faster, efficient, and more specifically pretty cool! And now that more people have broadband internet, purchasing products have also been made really easy. All you need is a fast E-commerce website to get what they want. If you are running such a site, what things should you eliminate to prevent your E-commerce site from crippling? 

Limited Capability CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) with a limited capability will hamper your website’s ecommerce capacity. This is especially true if you choose to use a publishing based CMS for your ecommerce services. Always determine what is really ideal for what. In case you want the best CMS for an ecommerce website, experts suggest looking at the following.

  • WordPress (blogging and Ecommerce)
  • Drupal (Ecommerce and General purposes)
  • Magento ( Ecommerce)

Unreliable Web Host

Running an ecommerce website is all about maximizing on your traffic. However, sometimes the traffic can be extremely uncontrollable. At such a time any hitch can lead to huge losses. That’s why you need a host that’s up for the challenge. They should have reliable and high performing servers and above all they should be really flexible to allow you to configure your websites in a way that it suits your web visitors. Simply get a dedicated IP address for your account.

Many HTTP Requests

Like any other site your ecommerce website is a collection of data files. If a separate HTTP request in to be sent every time a browser requires fetching a file from your server, it simply means it will take more time. This is especially true if you also have your product feed plugin on a different page. That is why using CSS sprites are especially cool for ecommerce websites.

Broken Links on Page

A broken link is a great turn off for many potential buyers to ecommerce websites. It is a waste of any visitor’s load time and should therefore be done away with so fast. Any ecommerce website owner who requires profits should therefore make it a habit to constantly check and update their websites for broken links. A Broken Link Checker is pretty cool for WordPress sites.

Huge DNS Lookups

The Domain Name System (DNS) is programmed to look for a name that’s comes closest to what your potential customers are searching for. The closer the IP address corresponds to what the web visitor is looking for, the faster the DNS will load. A website that has a number of things that must be fetched from external resources increases the number of DNS lookups and thus slows down your ecommerce website too.

If you are planning on using a number of product plugin for your ecommerce website, you must consider all these factors that’s we have highlighted above as they will allow your website to perform really faster.

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