Designing a Mobile Friendly Website: What You Must Keep in Mind

The introduction of mobile website has been quite revolutionary. Today, online buyers can do business at the comfort of their homes. They can buy goods, have them shipped, and subsequently receive them without stepping foot outside their home – thanks to mobile website. Because many people have resorted to the use of their Smartphone, any […]

5 Things that Will Cripple Your E-Commerce Load Time

Over the years Google has brought about a number of changes that has improved how online services are provided. From basic metrics, algorithms, to simple changes, the website services have become faster, efficient, and more specifically pretty cool! And now that more people have broadband internet, purchasing products have also been made really easy. All […]

Benefits of Getting a Small Business IT Support

The world is swarmed with huge business empires nowadays that sometimes putting up a small business of your own may seem like a good downhill battle. These companies tower over the little companies with modern technologies and around the clock support, two things that are essential yet alarmingly lacking in many small businesses. However, this […]