Designing a Mobile Friendly Website: What You Must Keep in Mind

The introduction of mobile website has been quite revolutionary. Today, online buyers can do business at the comfort of their homes. They can buy goods, have them shipped, and subsequently receive them without stepping foot outside their home – thanks to mobile website.

Because many people have resorted to the use of their Smartphone, any business that doesn’t have a mobile friendly website will definitely miss out on so much. If you are looking to go that direction; here is how you get the best optimized mobile experience for your website and more.


Go for a Mobile Friendly Width

This is often determined when you load your website on a desktop browser and in turn resize the window to the narrowest width without losing your resolution or the visibility of your text. This is usually the minimum view size. You can always add meta tag to your headlines and maintain the optimization. This should actually maintain a mobile friendly width and one that’s good for business.

Reset the Image Width (100%)

With your website reset you might notice that some images will be too big. This shouldn’t surprise you as desktop screens are naturally wide and most images will definitely fit in. This can be corrected by giving your images a maximum width of 100% so that they are automatically resized. This should be added to your website’s CSS style sheet to give you the best results always.

Decide on Long Strings Wrap

You will realize that sometimes it will be quite necessary to display long strings. This might include reference codes, bank account numbers, and also URLs. However, you will find that your mobile website might be too narrow to display such strings especially if you are working on meta descriptions or a landing page like the Best Landing Page Creator suggests. You can wrap such strings with word wrap style to prevent scrolling down.

Avoid Fixed Positioning Too

Fixed headers and sidebars with CSS positioning fixed will mean obscure images when your visitors end up zooming. This can be a big time turn off. It is therefore very important that you disable fixed position so that your visitors have an awesome experience that allows them to enjoy an easy to view website. This is one trick that every mobile web designer should have in mind.

Use Standard Fonts Always

Large font files will means that users have to download these files before they can be viewed. And on a mobile platform the download can take so much time leaving your user with a blank space where the text should be displayed on. That is definitely bad for business. It is therefore very important that you use standard fonts as this will be easy to load and easy to fit in to view too.

Getting an awesome mobile design for your website is really important. It is also important that you choose only the most relevant tips to work with. This will leave you with an awesome result and provide you with many prospects too.

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