Wedding Photography: Simple Tips from Bangladeshi Wedding Photography Experts

Today weddings in Bangladesh are full of pomp and color. Even so, these things don’t last forever. You need the best tricks to capture every moment like so for the perfect walk down the memory lane. That’s why wedding photographers have been some of the most valued parts of any wedding process. But what should wedding photographers learn if they want to have the best photos for their customers? Here are some of the coolest tips as told by experts in wedding photography Bangladesh.

Go for Something Comfy Under your Feet

You are the wedding photographer, right? Do you need the best shots? You are going to walk, walk, and walk. Trust me the stilettos will look good on you we all love them; but are they ideal for walk-walk? I didn’t think so too. You don’t want to be the grumpiest wedding photographer in the planet. Keep it simple have flats or doll shoes and keep the momentum going with the best shots.

Rent a Second Equipment for the Shoot

You never know when your wedding equipment could stall. I have seen guys witness major breakdowns in the middle of a high dollar event. Therefore to be safe you should arm yourself with a second set of shooting equipments. From lenses, cameras, to tripod stands, always make sure you have a second set as insurance to help you keep up with the job, even in case of any eventuality.

Hire another Shooter/ Delegate to Staff

If you are working with a company that has many experts you can delegate a few other areas to another photographer. However, if you are working alone you could hire an extra pair of hands. It is definitely worth the money. And better still it will save you as you will have some form of compensation in case of disaster with your camera.

Take Charge and Be The Boss of Photos

In every wedding there is that one guy who knows it all. They know how everyone should pose, they are always stepping in front of the camera, or they want to appear in all photos. Hell no! You are the boss so step up and take charge. In a good way, be confident and ask them to keep their distance. Do the job that you are paid for and forget every other know-it-all who wants to do it too.

Get a Decent Album Together in Time

Yes, you need a decent album for the bride and the groom. One before the wedding is an awesome way to get the perfect timing. But couples are too serious about the bride and the groom not seeing each other before the wedding on the wedding day. This means that getting their time a day before the wedding is an awesome fit. Sit them down and explain to them why you need it.

Get the Names, Numbers, and Contacts

The maid of honor, the best couple, and the best man are important part of the wedding. You should have their numbers in advance and contact them for the plan. They will help you to keep the names, taking lists, and programming your shoots in advance.

According to experts in wedding photography Bangladesh, wedding photography needs time and expertise. It needs you to have the best composure and the right information. As a wedding photographer asking for these in advance is often very important.

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